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A REST Web Service Framework for ColdFusion and Railo

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What follows is an index of the available documentation. It may get outdated from time to time, so please also check the List of Wiki Pages for other available content.

The current version of Taffy is 1.2.0, and the documentation below applies to that version unless otherwise indicated.


These references assume that you know what you want to use, but can't recall the syntax, or order of method arguments, etc. They are meant to enable you to quickly look these things up.


Documentation for Older Versions

Where it makes sense, we make every effort to maintain backward compatibility. However, as we think of better ways to get things done, some functionality is deprecated and eventually removed. The below references are provided for the benefit of anyone still using previous versions of Taffy. Where something is not specifically addressed in an older doc, it is safe to assume it works the same as the current version.


In addition to the framework usage documentation, the wiki also holds some meta-information about Taffy development and releases. Of particular interest may be the Releases page which documents release dates and provides release notes for every release, as well as the Roadmap page which documents which bugs and features are being most strongly reviewed for future releases. Of course, your feedback has an impact on release planning, so feel free to comment on bug reports and feature requests and let us know what's important to you.